Other Services

Clinics and Other Services

  • Asthma, COPD
  • Diabetic Clinics
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Clinic Child Health Surveillance and Vaccination Clinic – Run by GP and Practice Nurse
  • Ante-Natal Clinics – Run by Midwives
  • Minor Surgery – Run by Dr P Fourie
  • Counselling
  • Smoking Cessation Clinics
  • Non NHS Examination – these include employment medicals, HGV and elderly driver examination. There is a charge for these procedures.


Please note that many reports, forms and certificates that the doctors are asked to fill in on your behalf may not be covered by the NHS and these will therefore incur a standard charge as set by the BMA.

Non NHS examinations also take longer than a standard appointment so please tell the Receptionist of your requirements and they will arrange the appropriate appointment and inform you of the necessary charges.

Cervical Screening

All ladies aged 25 years and over should attend for routine smear tests. This is a very important test to have as it may allow for the detection of problems within the cervix which do not cause any symptoms, but if left untreated could become cancerous. You will normally receive a letter when you are due to book an appointment for a smear test. If you are unsure about when your next smear is due please ring the surgery.

Breast Screening

This is a national screening programme for all ladies aged over 50. It is very important that you attend for this when you are sent for as it allows for very early detection of breast cancer, even before a lump can be felt.

Bowel Cancer Screening

This is also a national screening programme for all patients aged 60 years and over. It is a way of detecting very early signs of bowel cancer which has led to very significant improvements in patient survival as a result of early treatment.

Childhood Vaccinations

All children are sent for automatically when they are due their routine vaccinations. It is important that children do not miss these as this could result in them contracting extremely serious and potentially life threatening infections. If you think your child has missed any vaccines please contact the surgery so that we can arrange for them to be brought up to date.

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If you have visited specified areas listed by public health England in the last 14 days and have symptoms of respiratory illness please stay indoors and avoid contact with others. Please telephone 111 for further advice. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19